White House Installs Solar Panels


The White House just became a little greener. Last week, imgres1600 Pennsylvania Ave. was outfitted with solar panels as a sign of the president’s commitment to renewable energy. The retrofit also includes updating the buildings controls and variable speed fans.

In October 2010, the Obama administration had pledged to install solar panels on the White House to reflect the president’s commitment to U.S. leadership in solar energy. This 2013 retrofit was the fulfillment of that pledge.

Officials have not disclosed the supplier or the cost of the project. A White House spokesperson did say, however, that the solar panels being installed are American-made and that the initiative “will demonstrate that historic buildings can incorporate solar energy and energy- efficient upgrades.”

This isn’t the first time the White House has used promoted the use of solar energy. In the late 1970s, Jimmy Carter installed 32 solar panels on the roof, but Ronald Reagan had them removed in 1986.

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