Trends From This Year’s Architectural Digest Home Design Show

Arch Digest

The 13th annual Architectural Digest Home Design
Show unveils the latest trends in the industry.

This year marked the 13th annual Architectural Digest Home Design Show and the unveiling of latest and greatest design trends in the industry. The three-day show, which began on March 20, featured thousands of new products from more than 300 different brands. The latest furniture, accessories, lighting, art, kitchen, bath and building products were featured along with notable lectures hosted by Architectural Digest and The New York Times.

One of the most significant trends observed at the show was a greater focus on higher-end products for the home, especially when it comes to designing kitchens and bathrooms. As Kermit Baker, chief economist with the American Institute of Architects, put it: “As the housing market is rebounding, we’re starting to see a little more attention to higher-end detail on kitchens as well as bathrooms.”

Arch Digest

Exhibitors and attendees alike arrive at the
2014 Architectural Digest Home Design Show.

Here are some additional noteworthy trends seen at the show:

  • Taking meals outside. More and more suppliers are releasing products that offer outdoor dining year-round, such as entire rows of cabinets and unique refrigeration tools.
  • Commercial-grade equipment. These days, homeowners are looking for that five-star restaurant experience in their very own home. For instance, some retailers are now offering professional-grade ovens for installation in the home.
  • Customization. Cookie-cutter homes, no more. Homeowners want design elements that reflect who they are and also meet any and all of their unique needs. This includes customized cabinetry and appliances, and even goes as far as installing an $11,000 latte machine app that will brew you a cup of coffee with the simple touch of a button.

To learn more about the products exhibited at the 2014 Architectural Digest Home Design Show, click here to read a detailed article in Forbes.

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