The Power of Testimonials

Video Shoot

A Mitsubishi Electric video shoot in historic Mount
Pleasant, Washington, D.C.

Video testimonials are becoming a popular means of earning consumer trust, and for good reason. It’s simple: people trust people, and in today’s constantly evolving world of marketing, consumers are more likely to trust a recommendation from a peer or stranger than a carefully crafted corporate message.

In fact, according to the 2013 Nielsen Global Trust in Advertising report, 84 percent of respondents from 58 countries indicated word-of-mouth recommendations as the most influential and trustworthy source. Additionally, 68 percent of these respondents indicated that they fully trust consumer opinions posted online. This goes to show that a video testimonial showcasing a real-life, positive experience goes a long way when it comes to promoting a client’s brand.

Video Shoot

The video crew filming homeowner testimonials for
Mitsubishi Electric’s residential video project.

To leverage the power of customer testimonials, Griffin & Company recently coordinated a video shoot on behalf of our client, Mitsubishi Electric US Cooling & Heating Division. The shoot took place in our own backyard, the historic Mount Pleasant district of Washington, D.C. There, we sat down with homeowner Josh Louria and his wife to hear first-hand why they elected to install Mitsubishi Electric systems in their D.C. row house. On video, Josh and his wife described the many reasons that make these systems the perfect fit for cooling and heating their traditional home.

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