PR Measurement – The Griffin Approach


Measuring and reporting the effectiveness of media relations campaigns is an important part of a client-servicing agency. It can be a challenge to demonstrate how media relations work contributes to a client’s bottom-line and to prove the value of earned media (as opposed to advertising or paid advertorial).

The first challenge: How do we gauge the content quality, effectiveness and message penetration of the earned media we achieve?

The second challenge: How do we communicate these qualitative results to client executives in a way that will resonate?

The solution: We developed the Griffin Qualitative Measurement Index (QMI). It’s a scoring system for PR measurement we design based on several established qualitative measurement scales, and we adapted it to meet each of our clients’ specific media objectives.

The Griffin QMI adds a quality component to the existing (and historically more accepted) quantity-focused measurement tactics (number of hits and impressions). With the Griffin QMI, we can determine the quality of both the message and the audience that received the communication.

Analyzing quality and quantity together gives us a more comprehensive understanding of the effectiveness of our media outreach efforts and helps us gauge campaign success.

Our goal is to place emphasis on what the media is saying about our clients and how the media is saying it. The Griffin QMI is a tool that allows us to better understand clients’ positions as industry leaders in the media and identify specific areas for improvement.

Here’s how it works: Each earned media hit is assigned a numeric score based on a points system. For example, points are awarded to hits that contain key product messages, position clients as industry leaders, appear in top tier or high-quality publications, etc.

So, why not just write up a summary of the article? The advantage of a points system is that it merges figures and analytics (which resonate with budget-minded executives) with content quality (which resonates more with creative or writing-focused professionals).

We’d love to tell you more about our unique PR measurement system and why it’s important to our media relations work. Shoot me an email and let’s talk –

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