SURVEY SAYS: “Green” Perception of Building Product Brands All Over the Map


Green Builder, a trade publication serving the residential green building and remodeling industries, recently released its 2014 Readers’ Choice Survey. Since many of our clients occupy the green building product industry, we’re fascinated by these results.

The survey polls Green Builder readers to gauge perceptions of how “green” building product manufacturers are as well as general attitudes about sustainable building products in a range of categories.

Source: Green Builder
Source: Green Builder
As the Green Builder staff notes in its analysis, it’s striking how many product categories lack a clear frontrunner. Building product manufacturers continue to develop more sustainable products and market themselves as environmentally friendly. As a result, building professionals don’t seem to have united loyalties in most categories; green perception is all over the map.

For example, when asked which company offers the greenest products in categories such as roofing, HVAC, window/door and appliances, at least four brands scored signficiant percentages, with no clear leader in any category.

Interestingly, HVAC, windows and appliances are also rated as three of the top four product categories that offer the most sustainable product options, with appliances leading the way (insulation is the fourth). It seems that when there’s more competition among brands to label themselves as the greenest in their category, the more apt building professionals are to view that entire product category as environmentally friendly.

Caption: Green Builder
Source: Green Builder
There are, of course, exceptions to the trend. Leading brands in siding (James Hardie), hot water systems (Bosch), decking (Trex) and building wrap (Tyvek) have their categories pretty much sewn up as far as green product perception goes. But in every case except hot water systems, the underdogs have gained some ground on the victor since last year.

In another telling rank, insulation, HVAC, windows and appliances were rated as the top four product categories most influenced by green building and sustainability considerations. Companies in these product categories are either doing a great job of marketing themselves as green or their R&D departments are setting the standard for creating sustainable products – or both!

Where do your green building product loyalties lie?

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