Google’s New Algorithm – Is Your Website In Jeopardy?


Published on: Jun. 17, 2015

What does it really take to get placed on the coveted first page of Google’s search results? Mobile Friendliness.

The majority of Internet searches each year are made via Google and, for the first time ever, the majority of those searches are made on mobile devices. Google recently responded to this shift, alerting web gurus that it’s putting more weight on the mobile friendliness of websites. Google’s new criterion is the latest addition to its secret algorithm (containing 200-plus factors) used to decipher high-quality and low-quality websites.

So, what does this mean for site owners and managers and content creators? Your website will be downgraded in search results if it:

  • Displays links that are hard to click on
  • Forces users to scroll horizontally to view all content
  • Uses text that is illegible without zoom
  • Runs on software that is not common on mobile devices, e.g. Flash

The good news? It’s not all or nothing. A website with high-quality content isn’t going to end up on Page 11 or below lower-quality websites just because it’s not mobile-friendly. It does up the ante, though. Highly-ranked (and thus, highly-trafficked) websites will now be those that offer original, informative content and are easily accessible and readable on the go.

To check your website’s mobile-friendliness ranking, click here.

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