Chesapeake Bay – Stop the Silliness



You would think a straightforward task like cleaning up a major U.S. bay wouldn’t be complicated, but that seems to be the way it goes lately. We don’t usually get involved in political softballs, but this one seems particularly silly. And since I can throw a rock from my office into the Potomac River, it’s especially personal (full disclosure: one of my mentors – Michael Hanley, founder of Hanley Wood LLC and the Hanley Foundation Award – is a board trustee of the Chesapeake Bay Foundation).

cbf_logoIn a nutshell, the American Farm Bureau Federation, the Fertilizer Institute and other special interests (including NAHB) have declared what some call “environmental war” on the Bay, its rivers and streams (the Potomac River being a key tributary). And they’ve pulled some 21 states into the fight from as far away as Alaska and Florida. The fear is that the recently-approved Chesapeake Clean Water Blueprint poses a threat to future regulation of large bodies of U.S. waters, such as the Gulf of Mexico. But the Blueprint represents a groundbreaking federal and state plan to significantly reduce pollution levels every year, which is exactly what this area needs.

Here’s What the Blueprint Says:

  • Asks everyone to do his/her part, insuring governments, businesses and individuals work together
  • Tracks progress by measuring specific two-year goals, called milestones
  • Imposes penalties for failure

How You Can Help:

  1. Get involved – click here to learn the steps
  2. Email your local congressional rep or senator about this silliness
  3. Make a donation here (however small, but do it before June 30, 2014!)

Some Quick Facts:

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